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The Story of Baobab Chocolate Factory

The Tree of Life

Baobab trees can live for up to 5,000 years; reach nearly 100 feet high, and up to 165 feet in circumference. For millennia, these trees have provided shelter, food, and water for animals and humans alike.

At Baobab Chocolates, we stand for delicious and health-conscious treats. Similar to the Baobab tree, we also strive to provide a type of shelter (an emotional shelter, that is - because, well, chocolate just makes people feel good).

Baobab Chocolates intends to keep the making and eating of chocolate fun and enjoyable for our employees and customers with ever-evolving and exciting flavor combinations.

We handcraft our products from fresh ingredients, with no preservatives. In addition, we honor responsible sourcing (environmental and human).

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Greensboro, NC, USA


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